HCP Free Analysis

The output of the HCP Deep Schedule Analysis™ report is a detailed list of the hidden critical paths (and near-critical paths) within the project, and the tasks requiring the most management attention.

To learn more about the HCP Analysis benefits, read here: HCP Method.

The free introductory HCP Deep Schedule Analysis™ report includes a wealth of valuable information about your project schedule, but is primarily intended to demonstrate the great value that the complete report can provide you.

Select XML File

How to: Save an MS Project file to .XML and solve problems

To export an .xml file from your Microsoft Project software:

  1. In Microsoft Project, on the File menu, click Save As.
  2. In the dialog box choose to save as XML file.

If you encountered problems saving to xml (for example, the save operations does not seem to end, and the xml file gets larger and larger), this means that there is a data problem in your project file. We can help you to overcome the problem for HCP Analysis.
Contact us info@hcp-consulting.com for assistance.

How to: Save a P6 file to .XML and solve problems

To export an .xml file from your P6 software:

  1. In P6, on the File menu, click Export.
  2. In the Export format dialog box choose Microsoft Project and XML 2010.

If you see "Operation Failed" after hitting Next, try to open the XML file in MS Project.
If that fails, MS Project offers to fix the file. Fix it and save to XML. Choose the new file here and Go!

Out Of Memory error message? Support with large files

If you see an 'Out Of Memory' error when attempting to analyze a very large XML file (300Mb or more), try the following steps:

  1. Make sure your XML file name consists of English letters only
    ('My Project 100.xml' is OK., 'Το πρότζεκτ μου 100.xml' is not).
  2. Use a 'zip' program to compress the XML file
    (In windows 10 you can right-click and select 'Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder').
  3. Use the button below to select the compressed .ZIP file.
  4. Click 'Next' to continue.

If you encountered other problems, contact us info@hcp-consulting.com for assistance.

Report Settings Report title, Language and Date format

The full report allows modifying these fields.

The full report allows using your own logo.

Analyze Insert analysis details and perform the analysis


Project Calendar Settings in most cases you would leave the defaults

This is a free introductory report.

Visit our price list to purchase a license for full HCP Deep Schedule Analysis™ reports.

Project plan initial examination in progress ...

Please wait while the file is being processed. It could take a few moments...

HCP Analysis in progress!

Network Analysis in progress!

All required information has been successfully submitted.

Attempt to view deleted Report

The files for this report were deleted, hence can no longer be viewed.
Perform the analysis again to view a new report.

Completed HCP Report

Completed Network Analysis Report

An email will be sent to [[email]] when analysis is completed

Report For [[Config.Project_Name]] [[Config.Customer_name]] - [[Config.Company_name]]

With tabs on top, easy navigation
No tabs, suitable for print.
With tabs on top, easy navigation
No tabs, suitable for print.
Use the HCP file to show Hidden Critical Paths directly within the project plan.
This file is used in conjunction with the free HCPData2MSP add-on
Files are kept for a week, then automatically deleted. We never look at your files unless you ask us to.
Deleting the files now will prevent you from downloading the report in the future, and prevent us from providing support. Read more ...
Files for this report are deleted.

Operation failed. We are sorry about this. But - there is hope:

  • Please check first under "This is what we know" - maybe you can fix it on HCP step 3.
  • If the problem lies within the xml files, please click and see our YouTube channel short video about xml files.
  • Click and email us – info@hcp-consulting.com, So we can help!
  • This is what we know: